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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So as tradition goes, every year we take the kids to ethel m chocolates
and sunset park to look at the lights.
Its always cold but the kids love it. this year when we went through
they were already boxing up valentine candy
and making peanut brittle. yum yum
my brother and his family always go, and we all have such a blast.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

For the love of a dog.
puppy kennel....$30.00
the look on their faces....priceless.
This year, last minute, we decided that it was time for a dog. I have had a really hard time agreeing to the pet thing in the past because of the responsibility that inevitably falls upon the mommy.....no matter how much they promise that it will be theirs and that they will feed and clean up after it. So Justin calls me and says "you have to go NOW, I found a dog." Be there asap! He conned this poor woman into selling to him instead of the person she had already promised him to! SO WRONG..but we are so lucky.
Total surprise to the boys though. It was great!

Posted by PicasaMy boys love this animal. It is already part of this family and gets more attention that anyone or anything else....even me... :(
They are still trying to set the name in stone but for now its Mohawk. So cute because his hair sticks up on top of his head.
So lots has happened in the last several months so here's a brief update.
We moved back to the east side and love the place we are in. Lots of space and freedom for the boys and the perfect place to kick back and relax in.
We've all got birthdays coming up and you know what that means...that we are getting old. Austin is going to be 13 next month and it seems only yesterday he was starting to walk. Christopher will be 11 in February and Cam will turn 10 shortly after that. The hardest to believe is that our baby will be 8 come this summer.
In September we took the kids to the most magical place on earth and had a blast. All of the kids were old enough to ride together which was sooo fun! They must have gone on "mulholand madness" 5 times in a row. By the last time though, Austin was done! He looked like he was going to loose his cookies...and whatever else he had eaten that day.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

so this is everyone. they turned out way cute huh!!!

no i was not beating my child. i was gone friday and the first story i get was ian was playing on the stairs and missed a step hitting his eye with his knee. sunday i find out the real story...it involved jumping on the couch, big brother pulling legs and voila....knee to eye! nice shiner.

of course i had to get another pic with great grams and gramps. they are so cute
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so i have to send out aprils birthdays so far. my baby bro jerry on the 9th and my wonderful sis in law jody on the 4th. luv you guys!!!

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dontcha just love holidays! it gives everyone a change to hang out and have fun. we had our annual waters family easter hunt and the kids had so much fun. passing pretzels, eating donuts, finding eggs, and lots of pics and food. before we went to the park, the mosers got together for pics by our all talented marissa and boy was that entertaining. entertaning the 12 kids and 2 dogs that is. looky here, smile big, look at the camera, treats, tears, sit, sit here, hold still...and lots of confusion. im sure that the onlookers thought we were a bunch of crazys. i thinks its been 12 years since weve had pictures together, well besides weddings. it was great.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

okay, so i have these two chairs. they are in great condition and so comfy but....a little out dated and not exactly the color i want for the office/sitting room. problem is i know the above is what it looks like now and below is what i want them to look like. i do not sew well, but have lots of ambition. i am nervous about attempting this one on my own. HELP!!!!!!!! anyone have any ideas, ever done this or know anyone who could give pointers???

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

march birthdays are as follows:
cameron, happy 9th birthday buddy
jared happy 29th. almost there little brother
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i realized i missed some birthdays last month so here goes and bare with me:

happy 10th birthday to my christopher

happy 31st birthday to my bro justin. thanks for being a friend
to my love. happy 36th!!

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so its been a year as of february 24, and i just want to take a moment to reflect on the love and respect i have for this man. he was a great dad and grandpa, and respected by all who knew him. we love you dad and miss you everyday
one thing for sure is that he loved all his boys and they loved him. he always said "i love my boys"
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

so this is a moms proud day. austin received the priesthood and mom cried. almost everyone was there!!! he even shed some tears. it was so great. he quoted the 13th article of faith when he was sustained in sacrement meeting. so proud of him.

afterward we had the fam over for the yearly superbowl gathering and birthday celebrations for austin, christopher and my cute little 1 year old nephew cohen. he was loving the cake as you can tell and christened my kitchen floor to prove it.

they are getting so big and i am getting sooo old. my boys arent babies anymore..tear...

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Friday, January 23, 2009

bloggety blog...i dont really have any new pictures to share but all is well. justin is still working like crazy trying to finish with the new company takeover but found out that it will be well worth it when they told him they were going to completely remodel his store. yeh!!!! the boys are doing great. austin just finished with midterms and the other 3 boys are getting ready for track break soon. oh by the way...justin and i celebrated our 13th anniversary tuesday. can you believe it?? i cant and austin will turn 12 on tuesday. wow. am i really that old. he is so excited to have the priesthood and be in ym's. he will be ordained super bowl sunday, which means dad cant ditch church although we are still having the old page annual super bowl party. go arizona!!! anyway hope all is well

Monday, January 12, 2009

and again and again and again......

ok so my kids have a new found love and its the skate park. such a fun place for boys. jumping, leaping, riding, skating and even falling
getting bumps and bruises is a plus for boys. "this is the cool move i was doing when i got this!" awesome...lets do it again...

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my bright star

austin had he first orchestra performance and mom was so proud. he is doing so well. they were actually supposed to perform the day it snowed so bad but of course due to the weather it was posponed.
isnt he so cute...he looks like a pro
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isnt christmas grand

so i am finally getting christmas done. we always have the boys line up every year before going to the family room. they alternate every year youngest to oldest and reverse. so fun
every year we go caroling as a family. not justins fav but he endures it because he loves me. so this is my whole family. i have 1 sister (next to my mom in the middle) and 4 brothers. as you can see, we have tripled in size. also im a so blessed to have grandparents that my children know and love. they are still spunky as every, even at 81 and 91 years old. arent they sooooo cute
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