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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

so this is everyone. they turned out way cute huh!!!

no i was not beating my child. i was gone friday and the first story i get was ian was playing on the stairs and missed a step hitting his eye with his knee. sunday i find out the real story...it involved jumping on the couch, big brother pulling legs and voila....knee to eye! nice shiner.

of course i had to get another pic with great grams and gramps. they are so cute
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  1. Nice picture of the whole family, everyone looks so happy. I have always loved your family, they are the greatest. :)

    I know as a child I had 2 blackeyes at one time, one from a cousin kicking me in the eye while swinging and then to the other a fall to a toy with neighborhood kid. (maybe I will have to post that picture if I can find it)