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Friday, January 23, 2009

bloggety blog...i dont really have any new pictures to share but all is well. justin is still working like crazy trying to finish with the new company takeover but found out that it will be well worth it when they told him they were going to completely remodel his store. yeh!!!! the boys are doing great. austin just finished with midterms and the other 3 boys are getting ready for track break soon. oh by the way...justin and i celebrated our 13th anniversary tuesday. can you believe it?? i cant and austin will turn 12 on tuesday. wow. am i really that old. he is so excited to have the priesthood and be in ym's. he will be ordained super bowl sunday, which means dad cant ditch church although we are still having the old page annual super bowl party. go arizona!!! anyway hope all is well

Monday, January 12, 2009

and again and again and again......

ok so my kids have a new found love and its the skate park. such a fun place for boys. jumping, leaping, riding, skating and even falling
getting bumps and bruises is a plus for boys. "this is the cool move i was doing when i got this!" awesome...lets do it again...

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my bright star

austin had he first orchestra performance and mom was so proud. he is doing so well. they were actually supposed to perform the day it snowed so bad but of course due to the weather it was posponed.
isnt he so cute...he looks like a pro
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isnt christmas grand

so i am finally getting christmas done. we always have the boys line up every year before going to the family room. they alternate every year youngest to oldest and reverse. so fun
every year we go caroling as a family. not justins fav but he endures it because he loves me. so this is my whole family. i have 1 sister (next to my mom in the middle) and 4 brothers. as you can see, we have tripled in size. also im a so blessed to have grandparents that my children know and love. they are still spunky as every, even at 81 and 91 years old. arent they sooooo cute
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Friday, January 9, 2009

let it snow let it snow let it snow..... we all had a blast. couldnt believe it. austins orchestra performance was canceled do to the weather so we decided to walk to the mall...yes i said walk....and get some dinner. the picture below is the one of the stairs up to the mall and yes it was still snowing. FREEZING..how crazy was that day

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okay okay. so it took me a little longer but here i am. thanks my friend cori. so just a bit of info. we are loving our new place and all are adjusting well. christmas was a success as always. and yes i am a year older and feeling it. justin and i fell asleep at 9:30. poop on us. anyway here are a few fun pics to see our adventures over the last couple of months. let me explain...we decided to go to the park shortly after we moved in and play football. the boys of course had to begin challenging eachother about 30 minutes later with a race. mom and dad got involved and poor christopher got the short end of the stick when dad tripped him and he landed right in...well you can only guess what happened. 2+2=christopher completely grossed out. you can see mom and dad couldnt help but to laugh which of course made the situation even even worse. thats ok.

so these are my nephews and neices. we decided that for my moms birthday we would give her one of those cool digital frames so off we went to the other side of town to take pictures. and vuola. arent they just adorable.

ian had his first school performance and when i looked up from the camera, this is what i saw. isnt he just silly
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