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Thursday, March 5, 2009

okay, so i have these two chairs. they are in great condition and so comfy but....a little out dated and not exactly the color i want for the office/sitting room. problem is i know the above is what it looks like now and below is what i want them to look like. i do not sew well, but have lots of ambition. i am nervous about attempting this one on my own. HELP!!!!!!!! anyone have any ideas, ever done this or know anyone who could give pointers???

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  1. I've never done any upholstery work, so I'm out on this one. If you make the attempt, maybe you can school all of us on how to do it! :O)

  2. That chair totally has potential!! It's a perfect shape! I wish I knew how to re-upolster stuff...I don't even know where to start with that stuff!

  3. we.need.to.talk.

    i will hold the staple gun, while you figure out the rest!


    i will help. for sure! love that chair. and the yellow fabric.

  4. Justin can do it. I'm sure of it. Didn't he get his upholstery merit badge in scouts? Or, maybe on LV Blvd and Bonanza, a little upholstery shop. . ?

  5. While I haven't done anything like that myself I do have a friend that has and she is on my blog, her name Camille and she might be able to head you in the right direction! She is great at being helpful! The other thing would be to look for a free tutorial online! I bet you could find something!! Love that you have joined the blogging world!! :)